Critizes Israel uses depleted uranium

Critizes Israel uses depleted uranium
Al-Khalil, Nov 19 - An Israeli opposition leader and former minister has threatened to disclose the type of "lethal weapons" the Israeli army used against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip several weeks ago.

Meretz leader Yossi Sarid was quoted by the Israeli media on Wednesday as saying that he might reveal the type of bombs the Israeli army used during an attack on a Gaza neighborhood several weeks ago.

Sarid serves on the powerful knesset committee on security and foreign affairs and is constantly briefed on security matters pertaining to Israeli army operations against the Palestinians.

Observers in Palestine contend that Sarid was likely referring to bombs containing depleted uranium, a lethal substance added to bombs to increase its destructive power.

Depleted uranium is known to cause a number of cancerous illnesses and several other symptoms including fatigue, headache and general frail health as well fetal deformities.

Palestinians have for a long time suspected that Israel had been using ammunition containing depleted uranium in residential areas in Gaza and the West Bank.

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