Even een oogje op de toekomst werpen

Even een oogje op de toekomst werpen:
  1. Bush wil herkozen worden
  2. De polls zien er super-slecht uit voor hem, zelfs na zijn 'lege' speach van 2 dagen geleden
  3. Organisaties binnen de Israelische gemeenschap roepen hun landgenoten op niet naar de Olympische Spelen te gaan
  4. De VS is weer van plan 400 miljoen nieuwe antrax-vaccinaties aan te kopen
  5. De VS is er zeker van dat Al Qaida binnenkort een nieuwe grote aanslag zal plegen
  7. Stranger than fiction: an independent investigation on 911 : http://www.apfn.org/apfn/WTC_STF.htm
  8. "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11. - M. R.
Conclusie: Mossad heeft zijn spionnen opdracht gegeven een 'nieuwe 911' te organiseren, Israel heeft er alle belang bij dat Bush herverkozen wordt. Gezien de verkiezingen in oktober mogen we een aanslag verwachten in augustus/september (hoe erger de aanslag, hoe vroeger die zal vallen). De datum zal vallen op een symbolisch belangrijke dag (9/11 bijvoorbeeld) omdat 'ze' zoveel van numerologie houden (aanslagen in Madrid 911 dagen na 911). De Moslims in het algemeen en Al Qaida in het bijzonder zullen van minuut 'nul' de schuld krijgen. Mossad zou graag een aanslag organiseren in Athene maar ze kennen de gevaren: Israel heeft niet zoveel macht in Europa als in de VS en zou dus door de mand kunnen vallen (geen AIPAC in Europa). Bij een dergelijke operatie van de geheime dienst gebeuren er altijd fouten (zoals je kan lezen in 'Stranger than Fiction'), die kunnen leiden tot de ware organisators.
Slagzin van de Mossad: By Way of Deception Thy Shalt Do War
(berichtgeving ondersteboven, jongste berichten eerst)

Israëlisch verhuizers doen gekke dingen in de VS:

The mysterious world of Israeli movers
Israeli movers freed, back in Miami
Yet despite convictions for evading arrest, and being in the country illegally on tourist visas, the Israelis were freed on bond Monday morning.

Two More Israelis In Van Arrested Near US Nuke Facility
Nuclear Submarine Base Locked Down
Two Israelis attempted to enter posing as furniture movers.
Mossad Linked To WTC Bomb Suspect
Ahmad Ajaj, a 27-year-old West Bank Palestinian being held in federal custody for conspiring to bomb the World Trade Center, may have been a Mossad mole, according to Israeli intelligence sources.
For the second time in the past two weeks Israelis in a moving van have been detained near a U.S. nuclear facility, this time at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base near St. Marys, GA., near Sea Island, host of the G-8 Summit next month. A bomb squad was called in after the van tested positive for a bomb. The two Israelis, whose names were not released, were taken into custody by federal immigration officers in Savannah for possible deportation.
3 Israelis arrested after drawing toy guns during flight in Panama
A crew member had to force one man to turn over a toy pistols, according to civil aviation official Humberto Chavarria. More toy guns were found in the luggage of the detainees.
FLASHBACK: Feds holding 60 Israelis in connection with 9/11 – Why?
Israel’s Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador Documented
Had Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence organization, succeeded, it would have been the perfect crime—the crime of the century. The plan was breathtaking in concept: to assassinate the American ambassador to Lebanon, in Lebanon, with American weapons, intended for Israeli’s defense only. Everything about it would point to Lebanon as the culprit.
Relinked in light of today's arrest of Israeli agents in Lebanon. - M. R.
Lebanon cracks 'Israeli spy ring'

Funny, when anyone else finds Israeli spies they tell the whole world. But when the US finds an Israeli spy ring, it is covered up. - M. R.
"Mover" Is Son of Top Likud Official
The leader of the two Israelis arrested after leading police on a high speed chase in a moving van last Saturday in rural Tennessee is the son of the spokesman for the Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

The two Israelis arrested in Tennessee are outed as Israeli military. - M. R.
Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Unicoi County

Why throw the vial if it's just a "fuel source"? - M. R.


Vroegere berichtgeving:
Olympics: Greece Prepares for 'Dirty Bomb' Threat

Yep, here comes Bush's made-to-order distraction. - M. R.
Wiesenthal Center to Jews: Don't attend Olympics

Odigo gets another warning? - M. R.
U.S. athletes told to cool it at Olympics
American athletes have been warned not to wave the U.S. flag during their medal celebrations at this summer's Olympic Games in Athens, for fear of provoking crowd hostility and harming the country's already-battered public image.
CNN.com - U.S. in secret Olympic operation - Mar 10, 2004
A secret Athens Olympics security operation involving several hundred U.S. troops has begun, the day after Greece's new conservative prime minister took the troubled Games under his personal wing.
I linked to the cache of this story because all mention of this story at CNN itself leads to error messages. - M. R.

Berichtgeving van vandaag het warm lopen van de amerikaanse bevolking via de pers, de druppelsgewijze indoctrinatie:
FLASHBACK: Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan.
Posted May 26, 2004 06:51 AM PST

Terror threat against U.S. is worst since 9/11

Posted May 26, 2004 06:49 AM PST
New intelligence disturbing, credible. Terrorists may possess and use a chemical, biological or radiological weapon.
Really ramping up the "booga booga" here.

'They Are Going to Attack'

Posted May 26, 2004 06:44 AM PST
Counterterrorism and law enforcement officials told Fox News Tuesday that they are extremely concerned that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda may be planning an attack during one of the major events scheduled for this summer.
"We are planning it, I, I dammit, I mean we are PREDICTING it, to happen in the next several weeks. " -- White Horse Souse
'Better' anthrax vaccine tested
Posted May 26, 2004 06:04 AM PST

All this focus on Anthrax as a terror weapon. Odd, because Anthrax is actually a poor terror weapon due to low secondary communicability. It has been developed as a battlefield weapon, intended to make an enemy army sick but without triggering a wide spread pandemic. As the letters laced with Anthrax from Fort Detrick proved, Anthrax is actually very ineffective as a terrorist weapon (although great at generating fear-amplifying headlines). So how does the US and UK know that out of all the pathogens a real terrorists might choose, that Anthrax is the one and only one to prepare for?

Unconventional US terror strike imminent

Posted May 26, 2004 06:00 AM PST

The next fake terror event staged by the US Government and its "contractors" will most likely involve germs of some kind, attacking several cities simultaneously, to create a sense of immediate fear from a threat which is unseen but which could be in the very air one is breathing at that moment. Many people would be too scared to take the chance that it wasn't true (if they still trusted the government). By announcing that the "terrorists" (nudge nudge wink wink) were "known " to still have more of these germs, the government would have the pretext for warrantless house-to-house searches, detentions of "terror suspects" and shut down of all non-commercial uses of the internet since those danged "terrorists" (nudge nudge wink wink) are using the internet to send their nefarious messages around.

But just ask yourself one question. Is it really possible for the government to know for certain there is going to be this major unconventional attack without knowing who is doing it, where, when, or how? Because the lie the government is trying to sell you is that they know this attack is coming, but hasn't any clue how to prevent it.

Ridge Reveals Terror Threat Against U.S.

Posted May 26, 2004 05:53 AM PST

Not very subtle, are they? Bush's numbers tank even more right after his lame save-the-war speech and next day we get the predictable warnings about a coming terror event that nobody knows where it will happen, who will do it, how they will do it, and no chance to stop it, but it's gonna happen, proving we all need MORE security (i.e. control and surveillance on Americans) because all the security we've already been enduring obviously did not work. Bush will maybe even get to suspend elections is whatever they use to scare us with makes us too scared to go to the polls.

We already know we were lied to about 9-11, Iraq's WMDs, how much the Iraqi people were going to love being invaded, and we now know that the US Government is the sort of government that not only lies to their people but uses torture on innocent victims grabbed at random off of the streets.

We also know that the US Government is in trouble, losing credibility and the trust of the American people on an unprecedented scale. The US Government NEEDS another terror attack, to justify a draconian grab for a totalitarian state. And with all the "advance PR", it looks like they are getting ready to lay one on us all.

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